Friday, June 29, 2007

Who Counts the Minutes? (Part Two)

And something has to be done about Chet Baker, too.

Can anyone, bar Markus, tell me why anyone cares about Chet Baker?


Nobis said...

He gave honkies an inroad to jazz.

That alls I can figures, anyway.

Honkymagic said...

Couldn't honkies just take the bus, though?

And does the CB road really lead to jazz? I dunno. It seems almost too much like arguing that a honky who totally digs on Vanilla Ice's contribution to the TMNT sequel ("Go Ninja Tutle Go," right?) is going to wind up tracking down the back catalogue of Public Enemy, Rakim, and MC Shy D, because he's now "totally, like, into that rap shit, bro."