Friday, June 29, 2007

iPod Wisdom (Part Two)

In case you missed the sheer poetry of the Ohio Players when they first layed this shit down in 1975:

It's All Over

Aw girl
Put that suitcase
Down. You ain't
Kiddin' nobody.
You can't leave me
Woman. You love me.
Say what?

And then the song itself. A perfect blend of mid-70s quiet storm and remorse and cocky posturing and pleading "don't tell me that it's over" and more moments of beauty:

"Put that suitcase down, girl
You ain't leavin' town
You know I need you around."

And, the repeated question, "Say what?"

Is there a more universal question than that? Isn't that what Ahab got to by the third day of the chase? Isn't that what he wondered in "The Symphony," maybe the best single chapter in American literature? Isn't that, in essence, what Job asked Gawd?

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