Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Honky Oberon

Checked the Honky Oberon last night and discovered that while it's essentially done fermenting and just about ready to bottle, it's also probably over-fermented. I left this one mashing while I attended graduation last week and I guess the extra time led to more easily fermented sugars.

Thus, the Honky Oberon is a bit thin.

And that wouldn't necessarily be a problem -- it is, after all, a summer beer -- except that it means that its bitterness is more pronounced, more noticeable. And the Oberon shouldn't be that bitter.

But, hell, maybe the Honky Oberon is. It would make sense, anyway.

Regardless, whenever I get around to bottling this, I'll have a huge batch of Kalamazoo yeast to split between an attempt at the Two Hearted Mojo and maybe some kind of lil' HopSlam thing.

And then I'll hide bottles of Lil' Wayne's HopSlam around Lansing in case anyone finds him or herself questing through the greater metro Lansing area for a bottle or two.

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Nobis said...

"The Quest for the Honkybrew" starring Anthony Michael Hall and Jon Cryer, coming to a theater near you this Christmas.