Friday, May 18, 2007

Who wants a picture of an appendix?

Shoot, that's what Wikipedia is for, no?

Instead, have a picture of Harper. I'm sure he'll be wiki-wiki-wikified at some point in the future, but, until then, I have to bring the rain.

And, make no mistake, it's raining here in D.C.


Nobis said...

that duck doesn't quack
but he doesn't take flack
because DJ Harps has his back.

Thank you very much. MC Nobisomania is in the house.

At what point do Harps' and the duck's cells merge into one, creating an unstoppable duckboy? One has to imagine that at the very least, on the day that Ducky does eventually disintegrate (god forbid, natch), he will "effuse [his] flesh in eddies and drift it in lacy jags," and in a most "Songs of Duckself" manner, become one with Harper. And the circle of life shall be complete again...

Honkymagic said...

It'll be the origin story, probably whenever we publish the oversize annual special edition.

But, god knows, the disintegration is going to be tough.

Nerissa said...
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