Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chicago - Detroit: Game Four

Okay, I didn't see the game. It was an unbelievable afternoon in Virginia -- one of those perfect, windy, sunny, 70-degree, spring days when there really is not a good enough reason to be inside.

But, I guess I didn't miss that much. At least, not much beyond Kirk Hinrich punching Flip Murray in the groin. See the video here: punch-that-clown.

Lots of crotch shots in the NBA this playoff season.

And, let's make that the last time that phrase pops up here.

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Nobis said...

They lost AGAIN last night. This is ridiculous. I think the Hold Steady are a Detroit playoffs curse. Last fall I saw them at the Magic Stick on the same night that the Tigs fell to the Cards in the World Series, and then last night the Pistons stank it up. Great show, though.