Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Detroit - Chicago: Game Two

Another game, another rout. This one wasn't nearly as much fun to watch as game one, due mostly to the fact that play stopped on every other possession for a couple of free throws. I'm all for hard, working ball, but let me see movement for more than 45 seconds at a time.

That said, you know that cliche about how the game wasn't as close as the score might indicate? That applies here -- and the score wasn't even remotely close. The only thing that kept the score as close (if you can call 21 points close) as it came out was the number of free throws Chicago took.

And (damn him and his university-destroying sturm und whine), Webber had a ridiculous game. Ten of eleven shots?

And Prince was everywhere. Everywhere.

And how do you get to pros, get to the playoffs, play a major role in sweeping Miami, and then double-dribble? Mr. Gordon?

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Nobis said...

Every time I turned around, Tayshaun hit another dagger three. Shweeet.

Chauncy Billups is bald.