Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring and All

And here’s another bit from “A Matter of Meaning It,” this time courtesy of Martin Luther via Cavell: “All our experience of life should be baptismal.”

Because it’s spring.

Which makes me think of Greg Brown’s “Spring Wind,” and these lines:

Children go to sleep now
Don’t you know it’s getting late
I know you don’t like to miss nothing
And school ain’t that great.

Which makes me think of the rest of that album (Dream Café) and the song “Sleeper” and these lines:

It’s another happy April
For another happy fool
And you move through my dreams
Like a trout moves through a pool

And, of course, “Laughing River,” as I contemplate the tiny possibility of finding a teaching job in Michigan for next year:

I reckon where I’m headed
I’m going to need me different clothes
Way up in Michigan
Where the Laughing River flows.

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