Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've been on vacation.

I'm still on vacation.

I'll still be on vacation for another few weeks.

So, I haven't been writing about Gravity's Rainbow, or 2666, or even Anti-Oedipus, nearly as much as I need to in order to put them together in my head.

And that lack of writing will probably continue, shame as that might be for my own comprehension of these books. Heck, much as I enjoyed Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, I'm sure I would have taken more away if I had found time to write about it as I read it.


Nobis said...

The one-page comparison/contrast character diagram by Ellen Forney alone is an incredible piece of visual literature. There's plenty there to discuss. I sure do loves me some Sherman Alexie. I read somewhere that he dropped a project to write the sequel for "Absolutely True..." instead. As long as he still turns out some non-YA work, I'm very happy with that.

My freshmen last year loved "Absolutely True..." to the point that the guys were passing it around amongst each other. That's right, the guys. Ninth grade boys admitting that a book was great and sharing it with each other. I didn't see me copy of that book for three months. Sweeeet.

Honkymagic said...

See, now that's a fantastic thing. If I had to choose between watching copies of "Absolutely True..." and copies of "Twilight" get passed around, well, let's face it, there wouldn't be much of a choice.

But, mostly, I'm just glad that there is so much good YA stuff getting written. People can complain all they want that every copy of "Absolutely True..." that gets read is like a copy of, I don't know, "Tale of Two Cities" that isn't getting assigned, and, if they're unwilling to see the crazy flaws in such thinking, then... um... well, then I'll come up with some way to end this sentence. Like that.