Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Harper's Band

Harper -- to be four in April -- has a band.

I'm in favor of that.

(And I'm fully aware of the dangers of And Then My Kid stories, but will that stop me? No, it will not).

Its name is Mex Fluoride. Its members are as follows:

Vocals: Beef
Guitar: Buller
Drums: Flyer
Keyboards: I'm The Tallest Mouse

Harper typically takes the role of Beef.

Mex Fluoride is most well-known for its songs "Texas Texas (Won't You Go Away)" and "Put Your Hand Down," but those who see the band frequently may have heard "Drop the Cheerio" or perhaps a cover of "Suffragette City" or "Run to the Hills."

I have no idea where this comes from. I mean, I know where the Bowie and Iron Maiden covers come from, but the rest of it? Do I know its origin? No, I do not. It's like when he opened his own restaurant over the summer and named himself, as cook and owner, Greasy Sanders.

Regardless, I'm proud of the kid.

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