Thursday, December 4, 2008

Brilliant Marketing, Really

If you're so inclined, check out the Pistons official website (, naturally) and look for ads for "Ladies' Night Out."

Now, remember that not only is the country's economy tanking, but Michigan's is worse than just about any other individual state in the US. Now, imagine that you're trying to attract people to a basketball game, to spend a whole mess o' money on what amounts to a diversion, a luxury. And, sure, maybe there is a certain extra temptation to distraction, to diversion, to entertainment when things are terrible, but keep in mind that Michigan's rates of foreclosures, unemployment, job loss, etc, are essentially off the charts at this point.

So, how do you get people to buy tickets?

Well, if they're ladies, you tempt them with souvenir martini glasses and Walter Herrmann.

Walter Herrmann.

Walter Herrmann + Martinis = Ladies' Night Out.

That's brilliant.

(And it's an autograph session, no less).

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