Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The End of July

More posts coming, if I can find the energy and, in a beautiful Michigan evening, a spare fifteen minutes that cry out "forget the sunset, forget the deepening twilight, forget the coming stars, forget the changing lake: fire up the laptop and write something for your blog, man."

And, to be honest, a few sets of fifteen minutes have cried out exactly that, but then they've always called me a loser, and reminded me that I'd probably regret that quarter-hour away from said lake/twilight/etc, so I've chosen to allow the computer to remain off.

So why not write something quickly during the day?

A couple of photos might adequately respond to that question:

There you've got Harper, playing a rather wild game of "Can't Touch the Waves."

And there you've got Maya, obtaining via sand whatever critical nutrients we aren't providing her.

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