Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Detroit - Denver

Couldn't seem to get this one on the laptop, making me wonder just what spring break is for, if I can't stay up past ten o'clock watching the Pistons score 136 points -- 136 points -- against the Nuggets.


The endless playoffs are still a ways away, in any case. And, as they do every year, they'll start, and I'll get fooled into thinking that it means that the school year is about to end, only to wind up, months later, writing and grading exams during the Finals.

Which makes me wonder: if I, loving my job as much as I do, still look so forward to my two months off every summer, how awful must it be to simply cruise through, simply tolerate one's job, and dream about future vacations?

But the real point: should anyone decide to make this jersey available, I'll buy one.

And the secondary point: I went looking for a Rasheed Wallace jersey for Harper, figuring that it best fits his personality, but it seems as though the kiddies have to choose between Chauncey and Rip. No Sheed. (And no Lindsey Hunter onesie for Maya, either, damnit).

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Anonymous said...

That is quite unfortunate that Harper and Maya spurn Sheed and Hunter... It seems strange to me that a child would want to wear a team's #1 and #2 players jersey.

Yeah and you may never see the Pistons score 136 points again. But maybe with the new coach they wont play such eastern conference basketball. But i think thats a long shot at best.