Monday, October 1, 2007

Garfield Gets His Postmodern Groove On

It's a wonderful world, indeed, when someone writes a code to rearrange Garfield panels in new and magical combinations, almost all of them with stronger narrative threads, stronger comedic ties than their sources.

Now, where's that link to "What Marmeduke Really Means"?


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Nobis said...

The very first one I tried--really, I swear, first try--came out JUST like a regular Garfield strip. This is utter genius.

I read a great piece recently about Garfield (I read high literature) that referred to a bizarre storyline some 20 years ago wherein Garfield has a severe paranoid episode. The author theorized that Garfield was actually dead, that he died in that storyline, and that the past 20 years have been philosophical commentary on the afterlife. Also brilliant.