Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pava's High School Musical Breakdown

After reading and thinking about Dr. Pava's breakdown of High School Musical, I realized why my brain kept wanting to force a link between the HSM Happening and the Now That's What I Call Music Happening.

As Dr. Pava points out, the bond between HSM and Mssrs. Cassidy, Travolta, and Newton-John is strong. And, like always, what happens in one facet of our culture, must happen in all facets of our culture. Thus, we have the return of the 1970s Disney-esque musicals and pinups and, simultaneously, the return of the K-Tel Corporation.

Now, I have no idea what sales of K-Tel compilations were thirty years ago, and maybe they weren't as heavy as sales of the NTWICM sets, but there's a connection, for sure.

Invest in iron-ons. It's all happening without irony, which means that even though ringer-tees and glittery iron-ons might have had a brief resurgence among hipsters, these sales will be huge. Huge. Wal-Mart huge.


Camiseta Personalizada said...
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Nobis said...

Mi camiseta es azul. Me gustan los burros borrachos.

pava said...

TWICM compilations are actually different from K-Tel compilations, in that they stepped in and replaced the now non-existent singles market which has been taken over by MP3s.

I do believe K-Tel is still in existence.

BTW: Europe has MUCH better CD compilations than the U.S. (which is pretty much limited to TWICM) because of different royalty and rights payment systems I believe.

Now. . . tie this all into KIDZ BOP please.

Honkymagic said...

I didn't realize the singles market still existed prior to iTunes and mp3s. I thought those entities sort of resurrected the market after it died in 1990, a victim of cassettes and CDs.

Danielle Dostal said...

"Hipsterism" Ha! Good times.